The Question I get asked most is "Why do you charge so little?" It's pretty simple actually. I work hard for a living and hate to haggle. Instead of seeing 'how much I can get out of a client', I just like to have a low flat rate and have a steady workload throughout the day. All my equipment is paid for, I do all my own web updates, billing, etc..basically I don't have much overhead (you'll notice how simple this site is). My goal is to help the stations/producers/company owners that feel that good voice overs are too expensive. I've worked for many companies in the past and seemed to be one of the only employees who 'really cared' to go above and beyond. So I'm putting that ambition to work for me, not 'the man'.

"Do you have female talent available?" - Yes I do. The price for female :30's are $40, $55 for :60's (and then $55 per added minute). Just listen to her demo by clicking on her name Bralie. Her turnaround time is usually same day...within an hour or two..but contact me to confirm. Free Demos not available with female talent.

"Can you produce my audio with effects and music?" Yes, I have a full digital multi-track audio production facility and can add music (from my music library) and effects for about an extra $30 per :30 Only want music added? Just $10 per song from my library (so a :30 read with music would be $40, music and effects would be $60).

Is your studio a professional studio? Or do you just talk into a laptop microphone? Ha ha.... click here.

"How do you bill us and how do we pay?" For first time clients, I prefer to send a sample read before any commitment/payment is made. If approved, then you pay via Pay-Pal Credit Card, or Check (from larger corporations/agencies, etc...see below) and I send you the full version (all this takes only minutes!) For bigger businesses that have lots of paperwork involved, I send an invoice with the finished product and expect prompt payment (within 30 days is acceptable). The invoice has a breakdown of services performed and has my federal tax ID on it. I accept credit cards, pay-pal, and checks. I provide a fast and friendly turnaround and expect fast and friendly payment. If you have no intention of paying me, move on, because I get mean if I don't get paid.

"What do I get for that price?" You get at least 2 variations* of the read (For non produced :30's and 60:s), MP3 encoding (or whatever format file you need for your application), and space on my server. I also don't have a problem adding music to the read if you supply it before I cut the audio..for an extra $5. *If I don't read the script in the desired 'tone' or 'feel' the first time, you will get a second read no charge (possibly more..I aim to please). Any actual changes in the script will be treated like a 'client revision' and charged accordingly.

"Will the price stay that low?" It's not easy to say what will happen with new clients down the road.....but I can promise you this: If you jump on the VO bandwagon now, your rate will never increase. My way of thanking those who have been trusting me with their vo's over time.

And one of most asked questions: "How do I get into voice overs?" Well....what can I compete with all the thousands of us voice over really need to be a jack of all trades (until you make it so big that you don't need to worry about the technical aspects). I've been doing professional voice work for almost 10 years now, and the last couple of years or so I have done it on my own from my home based studio...I have learned an awful lot on how to build a studio, what components are needed, and how do master delivery of a script. When you do voice over work, you need to have a studio...plain and simple. You can either be a friend to someone who has one, charge extra money for your clients to supply you with 'studio time' at a big time professional recording studio, or build your own in a small space in your house (which I chose to do). I bought a microphone (Rode NT-1...picture of it is on my main index page), a compressor, a mic pre amp, an audio interface, and some software (I recommend Adobe Audition...affordable and very user friendly), along with looots of sound proofing material (Harbor Freight moving pads and lots of leftover carpet!). Since then, I've sunk many many dollars back into the studio to get it sounding better and better, and have invested in a music library (which you'd need to do to 'legally' be able to use music). So once you get good voice overs into your computer using the above mentioned components, then it's time to have fun with it. Buy some plugins to help enhance and 'tweak' your voice to get it to sound the way you want it...ALWAYS experiment on filters/plugins to really learn what your voice can do. Buying the music and production elements is only necessary if you want to actually fully produce the voice overs instead of just providing plain voice overs. I love producing...the whiz bang stuff that really makes it stand out...but that is definitelly NOT a necessity to making it as a voice talent. So you have a good voice, a studio, and a computer that can handle need to get your demo made and get your name out there. A LOT of new voice talent spend multi-thousands of dollars to go to a voice school and get a demo professionally made...and then expect to walk out the door of the voice over school with a cd that will land them $1,000 voice over jobs left and right...not gonna happen (unless you are a freak of voice over nature that has the best sound and delivery that just came naturally). You have to practice, practice, practice. Listen to national commercials and mimic them...try to get your voice over to match the style...learn how they made the words believable to the audience. THEY make the big bucks and have been doing this for a long are new and need a lot of expereince to get there....DON'T expect to make big money at this right out of the gate (I'll let you know when to expect the big $$$ $30 for a hasn't happened yet). You need to practice and learn from everything you do. But if you really want to make it need to treat your clients with the respect you would give any one of your family members. Dont' B.S. them, give them quality voice over work, dependability, courtesy, and do it at a price that they will never feel taken advantage of. I have always been a hard worker...and believe that if you are a hard worker, and treat your clients right, you can make it doing voice over work As far as the demo is something that is always a work in progress...I am constantly updating mine..if I do a spot that I particuraly liked the outcome of it, I'll throw it on the demo to replace an older segment. Your demo is you...that is who you are and what you can won't get a call or an email if potential clients don't know what you sound like and what your skills are. So come up with some dealers, furniture stores, on hold stuff, etc..and just practice! Record some commercials on your Tivo and transcribe them to paper and record them yourself. Feel silly? Well guess how all the big voice over pro's got practicing. Then find out who you want to market yourself towards...who is going to be your customer...and let them know who you are. Make calls, faxes, are your own salesperson..if you have a product they want...expect to hear from them....if you get no may be time to re-work you demo or re-figure your target clients. I've been asked numerous times how to get into voice over work, and what I have just written pretty much sums it least that's what I did..and you may have heard my will no way EVER hear my demo from 10 years ago! :) Burn baby burn.

"Can you add me as a voice talent?" I am always trying to find good, dependable, and affordable voice talent of all ages, sexes, and ethnicities. If you have your own studio and can produce a professional sound and truly love what you do and can turn around VO's within a couple of hours at most, feel free to shoot me a demo...but if there is an ego attached as well..don't bother.