Pretty simple pricing structure:

$30 for a 30 second spot - $45 for a 60 second spot

And yes, this is a flat rate buyout for any market.

On hold messages/longer VO's cost: $30 for 30 seconds, $45 for 60 seconds, $75 for 2 minutes, $110 for 3 minutes, $135 for 5 minutes

Add music from my licensed library for only $10 more. Add effects for only $20 more per :30.

If you are looking to get liners done for image work or you have many small phone prompts, I basically add up all the lines and base the rate that way (5 six second liners would be treated like :30 worth of VO....not individual :30's...that would be robbery). If you have more than 8 files per :60, and need them individually saved and formatted, there will be an extra charge for that (fee based on how many files need to be fomatted/saved). But just know that I add up all the VO's needed and base the rate that way. Confused? Just ask...I tend to make things seem more complicated than they are.

Retainer packages range..depending on how much you want per month in terms of voicework. Packages start at $100 per month and can go up to $300. Drop me a line or give me a call and we can figure out a plan that works for you.

NEW! Retainer work price structure for Voice Overs....I am now offering lower 'per :30' prices to ramp up my retainer work. I understand that you may be at my voice over website because price is important to you and your I am offering these prices to both lower your price and lock down a more dependable monthy income for me. These prices are based on my voice (not female) and being paid at the beginning of the month every month...and will give you credit for the following for that month

$100 per month - (5) non produced (no music or effects) :30 VO's, or (3) non produced :60 VO's

$175 per month - Double the above numbers

More price structures coming soon for fully produced spots...stay tuned! Or just give me a call at 877 865-3459 or email to