They say good things don't happen. Well, when you least expect it, a God-send. After listening to voice after voice - union/non-union - prices going up with each passing demo... enter Chris. Actually, I was almost put off with "goodcheapvoiceover" - thinking, certainly - this was a no-brainer ripoff. Zip up to contact. Within 10 minutes, I'd forwarded a script. Within 6-8 hours, I had a voice over. Perfect. No, more better than perfect. We had an image! And, the next day (upon realizing I'd submitted a mistake), I had a re-do within hours. I've been in the advertising/marketing business for almost 20 years, and hired talent, after talent, after ego-laden talent. Never, really - never. Have I been treated better. Or enjoyed a better end-product for such a value. You'd be a fool to look anywhere else.
Jim Cordell -

I just got back from a trip to Cancun that was given to me by the radio stations we advertise with. Many local business owners and alot of radio station staff went on this trip. I got tons of compliments on the spots you have done. Everybody thought they were from some big huge advertising company and wondered how I could afford so many of them. Every time somebody found out what business I owned they said something about the commercials, so they really "cut through the clutter". Thanks so much!
Eric Hedman - Sharx Bar & Bites

"Chris is an incredible person to work with! His quality of work is unsurpassed by any other in this industry! I could not be happier with the entire transaction, from the time that it took for him to complete it (less than 18 hours), to the price he charged (no one else came close!), all the way to the finished product (more phenominal than even I expected, and I am a person who gets disappointed VERY easily!!!!!) And, to let you know how crazy I was about his services, I ASKED HIM if I could send him a testimonial to use on his website! I will be working with him again. I can not begin to thank you enough Chris!"
Stephanie - Dallas, TX

"We are kicking a** out here and your commercials are the key!"
Michael - Auto Fincance Network, Phoenix

I just called him up. Chris himself answered. He gave me the instructions. I emailed him the script. He returned the sample in 5 minutes. He even added cool background music. It was better than I had expected and I’m never impressed. I went ahead and had it done with the music. 10 minutes later. Finished product in my inbox. Now that’s Service! I’ll use him again in a heartbeat.
Marvin Pantangco, San Diego, CA

Having spent hours Googling "voice over", I had almost given up the idea of even having a narration in my project. Out of sheer frustration, I looked up a "good, cheap voice over" and hey presto! Now I'm not much for cliché's, but what the hey. The service provided by Chris Davies is absolutely impeccable. Having submitted a script, a sample was produced within HOURS. Not only was the sample perfectly read, it also had a true warm and enthusiastic tone to it, which is mostly the hardest thing to find! On completing the final script, the whole lot was recorded and made available in ONE NIGHT, for my listening. After a small bit of re-writing, the entire production was complete. I have never been so impressed with any business before. The turn-around was lightning fast, the communication was superb, nothing was too big a problem; and above all, the price was unbelievable. Chris, you are a true gentleman and an honest businessman (there goes that cliché!), I look forward Davies for your next voiceover."
Mark Carlton, MCC Productions

"Dude, that's f@#*ing great."
John Wattenbarger - Producer 'The Stone House'

"Thanks so much for your great work! I have had many compliments on your voice overs! By the way, I want you to know that in the past, I have had people demand $100 plus for voice overs that don't even come close to your talent! (Most didn't get the jobs either :) )"

"I will try to define Chris' work in a few words: Professional, fast, reliable, inexpensive, superior quality, powerful. Don't be fooled by the price, this is a high quality service."
Juan Pablo Costanzo, Marketing Specialist - Pacific American Mortgage Company

"Sounds fantastic. Lightning-fast turnaround. Instant revisions. Mega-bucks quality at an unbelievable price. You've got to be insane to use anyone other than Chris Davies for your next voiceover."
Sterling Valentine -

Chris Davies is both a great talent and a great person to work with. His delivery of our script was exceptional and his attention to detail and customer service is second to none. Add to that the tremendous value of his services and the super fast turn around time and you have an amazing value for an exceptional talent. is our voice talent of choice for all of our upcoming projects.
Mike McCleary - beacon media, llc

"As the pastor of a growing church, I was absolutely thrilled with the professional service that I received! My e-mail was responded to at lightening speed, and the entire project was wrapped up in less then a couple of hours from start to finish. Look no further, Chris is the voice talent you've been looking for!"
Pastor Michael Temple / Bowman S.D.A. Church

That's perfect! Man, i've got to say: during the creation of this online company i've had to deal with more than 10 online businesses, from commercial producers to web developers, to attorneys, and etc. You've been the quickest and most cost efficient business. Two Thumbs up for your services, and you can quote that!
Tom Luu,

Chris far exceeded my lofty expectations. Not only was he affordable, but he was able to finish my order in lightning fast time. And talk about quality! He nailed the voice, production with music, and spirit of my project in the first cut. I will use his services over and over again! Thanks a million! Jeff Korn
Jeff Korn's Comedy Traffic School -

Again I can't go on enough about the high quality, rapid turnaround, friendliness etc. let alone the "cheap prices". I'm VERY fortunate and happy!!! You help my business imeasurably. Thanks again!
Erik - Riparian Productions

Thanks again – I’ll have more for you soon. And by the way, you put out of a hell of a product in the most unbelievable amount of time. (and you can quote me on that!)" Mark Zini -DJ Zini Productions

I feel like I have made a true "find" in finding you and your talent. I am going to be writing more new content over the next month and my plan is to write something with you in mind! This has been a great experience.
Michelle Groh-Gordy- Owner - InterActive! Internet Traffic School

Absolutely awesome. A great voice talent, lightning fast and ridiculously affordable.
I'll be using your services in the future!

"Wow. You are every bit as good as you (and others) say you are. Thank you for providing a high-quality service for a price that allows young entrepreneurs like myself to afford it. Not to mention the amazing turnaround time. I look forward to contacting you in the future for any voiceover work that I might need for my company or for client projects."
Dave Kozma - Redline Digital

"My money was very well spent at GCVO -- I feel like I should be paying more! Chris was friendly, very prompt in replying to e-mails, and offered some great examples of his past work, which helped me nail down exactly what I wanted. Not only does he provide excellent turnaround time with the ability to provide a variety of styles in his work, but he does it for an unbeatable price and with superior quality. Thanks again!"
Brian Cline

"It's always a pleasure working with GCVO. We always get network quality voice overs from them and you get the audio files hassle free, at an unbeatable price."
Richard Prepuse - Eastword Motion, Inc.

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John T. Georgopoulos Fantasy Football Radio Network

Our band was looking for a powerful voice-over to advertise with. I didn't realize that I contacted a psychic network. Chris read my mind exactly and gave us the perfect voice-over. Could not have had it done any better anywhere else and for this price. He actually had it ready in one day. If you want a high quality voice-over for your business at a very low price, then look no further. Thanks Again, Chris.
Dave (

"I recently stumbled upon 'good cheap', what a find! The process could not be more convenient or effecient. Chris is such a pleasure to work with and goes the extra mile to guarantee satifaction. I have been totally pleased with the excellent prices without sacrificing quality."
Donna Chavis Video Producer, Charlotte, North Carolina

We needed a voiceover for our PBX, but what Mr. Davies provided was much more: he gave us a corporate image. Being new to the voiceover business, I Google'd my way across the Internet, looking for something (honestly!) that was good but cheap. After visiting the sixth website (and seeing rates around $500), I was ready to give in and have my neighbor do the recording. Luckily, I found and sent an email asking for advice. TWENTY-FIVE hours and a painless PayPal payment later, I not only had three versions of my PBX main greeting, Chris offered to convert it into the arcane audio format that the phone system needed. The site that wanted to charge us $500 said it would take a week and we had to do our own conversion! Thank you Chris!!!
Steven Andres, Edgewood Associates

“Chris does a fantastic job and offers a rapid turn-around on high quality voice work. He's conscientious about his work, gathers all the project information prior to producing the voice over; ultimately saving time on the backend by eliminating unnecessary revisions. The only thing cheap about Good Cheap Voice Overs is the price.”
Jeff Mortensen - Town Center Media

"Chris provided our company with incredible voiceovers for our phone system. Aside from having excellent follow up, Chris was on top of everything and had the voiceovers to us within hours. He was great at listening to our needs and knowing how to read our script to project the desired impression. He's worth every penny and more. I'm beyond impressed!
Lance Stonecypher :: Principle :: Icon IDentity

"In today's world, excellent client services and quality of work, just don't seem to take priority, that paradigm was completely shattered with my experience with Chris. He expedited the project literally overnight, follow-up was impeccable, and quality, well simply... Perfect! I look forward to working with Chris more in the future."
Mark Bernard, President, Synergy360 Studios, L.L.C.

"The day I found was truly a great day!" Chris allows 2 me to stay in budget, That's important.

Our webhosting provider has successfully deceived us into thinking they are a much larger and professional company by using a very slick auto attendant greeting. Once we found out that it was a small three-person shop, we couldn't believe how "big company" they sounded and demanded that they put us in touch with their phone guys. I sent a script in email at 8am and that evening when I called my phone system (we're talking 14 hours later!!) instead of hearing my wife's voice speaking at my customers, I heard a professional voice GREETING my customers. I can't tell you how satisfied I am with their services. I would have paid double-easily!
Erik Pace Birkholz, Special Ops Security, Inc.