Chances are, if you need professional voice overs, I can do it...and for a cheap price!

Professional TV and radio commercial voice overs

TV and radio imaging


Company phone on hold messages & on hold voice overs, phone prompts.

Phone broadcast VO's

Corporate presentation voice overs (cd's, dvd's, flash, website, etc)

Real estate tour voice overs

Podcast voice overs

Full audio production - add music and effects with digital multi track studio

Script development and 'proofing'

I don't base my rates on market size, just the voice over jobs. I can pretty much guarantee you that you won't find as high quality voice work at such a cheap price. I can also work on a retainer for you, bringing your cost down even more.

I love doing voice over work, I have since I was a child, had my own radio show at 2 years old (broadcasting over My First I wish I still had some of those tapes). I realize that doing voice over work now is different than doing voice over work 20 years ago...and there are lots of 'veteran' voice over talent and agencies that don't really appriciate that I am offereing professional voice over services at such low rates (you should see some of the emails I have gotten!)...well, times are different now. There are thousands of voice over talents who can do work from anywhere, so it's no longer necessary to pay huge amounts of money for studio fees in New York or Los doesn't cost $30,000 plus to build a professional sounding studio...and with computers and Ebay, you can put together a decent sound at a fraction of the price from 20 years ago. Don't get me wrong, I am dedicated to delivering the best sounding voice overs to my clients; and I will make any purchase that I can make to keep the quality level up and growing....but that expense today is MUCH LESS than it was 20,10, even 5 years ago.

So why use my services for your next voice over need? I am a multi-Telly Award winning commercial producer/ I know how important the delivery of a voice over is to the overall quality of a spot. In many television productions, the audio aspect is usually the least my opinion, it is the most important. I would never start script writing or editing until I built the audio for the entire spot either in the editor, or in my head. For your next project, give me a chance to show you that you don't have to spend multiple hundreds of dollars for a professional voice over for your tv/radio commercials, phone systems, website, podcast, corporate video, or any other application you may have that needs a professional voice over. I have studio access 24/7 and respond to emails almost instantly. I realize that my clients are the reason I exist doing this, and that they are the most important people to keep happy and satisfied, that is why I offer my voice over services fast, good, and cheap...without sacrificing quality.

As far as voice 'acting' goes...I don't like to market myself as an 'actor'...that's a whole different ballgame. I can deliver a 'feel' for a voice over no problem, but trying to act as a 4 year old kid who has just lost his dog in an animated cartoon...well...I can try it for you for free...but don't count on my voice services being 'the one' for that project! But as far as a nice, clean, dependable, strong, versitile voice over talent goes...I think I may be able to help you just fine. Give me a call at 877 865-3459, or email to and I'd be happy to talk to you about your next need for a good cheap voice over talent. Or if you are still unsure of the quality you will get for such a low price, please read my testimonials.